Mac folder icon with question mark

Following a bunch of other forum tips I tried booting in OSX recovery and running Disk utility. I did some googling and found out that it cant find the correct sytem software. Macbook pro question mark on start up -no harddrive.

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Mac folder icon with question mark
On the one hand, the pop star hits fans off with a number of new promo photos for the LP, blog? After the chime I got a folder with a blinking question mark in it. How to fix Flashing Folder with Question Mark Icon on Mac - WebPromo. Here is a guide on steps to take when you encounter a flashing folder with a question mark upon booting up.

Attempt to Use Startup Manager.

Mac folder icon with question mark — 2
Click the icon of the disk you normally use to start up your computer. Productimage - Mcafee Secure Logo Png.