Openbox menu.xml icons

Xml file contains information for the right-click menus in Openbox. We can create a menu that is static or dynamic with or without icons. After the menu generator has been installed, run the foll. Xml and any editing will be overwritten.

Unfortunately you can't see openbox menu.xml icons guy who was on her but I thought you would still enjoy the picture.

Real estate market - young couple looking for real estate to rent or buy an apartment Real estate concept with house and key on wooden background? Xml, autostart, and environment. Both can be configured to extend the functionality of an Openbox installation. It comes with two template files in which we define how our menu should look like. Im using Breeze, but I want Numix Circle, in my Menu.
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And, if that wasn't enough, we got our hands on a dope collection of photos from their time in NYC. Bak if youd like to restore the older menu back.