Ground plane in perspective drawing definition

A perfect example is Da Vinci's Adoration of the Magi. To illustrate, consider a single vertical dimension, the unit dimension, drawn at any arbitrary location on the image plane. Provides Ground plane usage examples. Utilities to define or edit one, two, and three vanishing point perspectives in a document.

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Ground plane in perspective drawing definition — 1
The horizontal plane of projection in perspective drawing. Objects must be placed so that the front sides are parallel to the picture plane, with the side edges receding toward a single point. Perspective is what gives a three-dimensional feeling to a flat image such as a drawing or a painting. Click on the campsite number to see the campsite photo. In art, it is a system of representing the way that objects appear to get smaller and closer together the farther away they are from the viewer.

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Ground plane in perspective drawing definition — 2
It is often used for interior views or trompe l'oeil fool the eye effects. The building in the background faces the viewer, and the stairs and the side walls get smaller as they move toward a single point in the center of the painting.