Ancient writing tattoos

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Ancient writing tattoos
The Vegvisir is an ancient Icelandic stave that is thought by many to have acted as a type of wayfinder for vikings. Ye shall not make cuttings on your flesh body on account of a soul. In the ancient times, tattoos were considered as an important aspect among the different societies and they were widely used in many traditional, religious and cultural activities.

It becomes meaningful and holds great significance for the one who wears it.

Ancient writing tattoos — 1
Swimming Pools prior to tiling or painting? Images also hold meaning in Greek tattoos. The Bible was written in Hebrew and the first translation ever made was done in Greek. It has abilities to generate cinematographs, reverse GIFs and time lapse videos.

Mayan and Aztec art has long outlasted their tribe, and their characteristic depth and beauty has become a common ancient art tattoo theme.

Ancient writing tattoos
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